Interview mit dem neuen Trainer Itamar Stein

Itamar, Sie haben in der vergangenen Saison eine schwere Halswirbelverletzung erlitten. Wie geht es Ihnen gesundheitlich?

My health is now good,thanks.
I would like to thanks the Club and Fans for their support during the difficult time. And a special thank you to Dr. Schweizinger and his assistant Susanna Petry who took a special care of me in the Orthosport Praxis.

Sie treten, auf Ihrer ersten Station als Trainer, die Nachfolge von Milan Maric an. Werden Sie das Amt als Spielertrainer ausüben und was wollen Sie anders machen als Ihr Vorgänger?

I will take over my Job as coach and I will not play. I think it is better to make the separation and concentrate only on coaching.
First I must say that I have great respect for Milan and his work. He did amazing job during the years for Coburg and I want to thank him for bringing me in the team. He is a great perssonalety and his knowlage of Volleyball is enormes.

On my side, I will bring my experience and Ideas to the coaching position and will use the knowladge I gained during the years of my Pro career. It is important for me to create a team that will fight and play for and with each other.

Was waren die Gründe für Ihre Entscheidung, was erwarten Sie vom Verein und umgekehrt der Verein von Ihnen?

The main reason for me to turn into coaching was that after the injury I was not sure in my abillity to come back to my old playing shape. That, together with the situation created in the club after the release of Milan Maric, led us to talk and discuss this option of me coaching.
I think it is a natural step for me and coaching was always something I wanted to do after stop playing. I thought that it will come
later but I accept the situation and intend to do the best I can for the team.
I take this job very seriously and I will do it as a full time professional work. That is what the club expect from me and I from myself.

Benjamin Kucera, Maximilian Meuter und Patrick Speta wurden bereits am Saisonende verabschiedet, inzwischen haben mit Moritz Karlitzek und Thiago Jose Welter zwei weitere wichtige Stützen der VSG den Rücken gekehrt. Wissen Sie schon, auf welche Kollegen Sie in der kommenden Saison weiter bauen können oder müssen Sie sich auf einen totalen personellen Umbruch einstellen?

First I want to thank all the guys that played last season and will not stay, I wish each one of them the best of luck in the future.
Benni is still helping in the club and I think we can use his experience in a lot of ways.
As it looks now the team will be a bit different, a few players will stay and some new will come, all within our financial abilities.

Ist es möglicher Weise ein Vorteil, sich im Rahmen der finanziellen Möglichkeiten eine „Wunschmannschaft“ zusammen stellen zu können?

That is our mission.The team will combine between experienced players and young talents,I believe in this combination and every player that will be brought will be a good player that can help the team.
There are limits of course, but in the team will be only players who wants to practice hard, improve and play strong for the VSG. We are working hard to scout and find good players inside the budget. We are not a rich club but we will not use this as an excuse. If will be more money, we will be happy and will use it wisely. But over money, comes the haert and soul, and the people of this club have a big heart and love for the VSG symbol.

Wer ist bei der VSG für die Suche neuer Spieler verantwortlich und wer entscheidet über deren Verpflichtung?

I am doing a lot of csouting and talking to pepole who can help us find suitable players.Together with Volker Pohl and his experience I belive that we will find the right combination.
Michael Dehler is also doing a lot to find young German players and about each player we discuss and decide weather he is suitable for the team.

Das Interview führte Michael Döhler (Neue Presse)